IceMan 100s
Join us for our Annual IceMan 100 Enduros! 

This enduro race will include a 5-lap Qualifier and 100-lap Main with 4 "pit stops". It's called the IceMan because it's usually cold and it's ALWAYS slippery...we add baby powder to certain sections of the track to feel like you're racing on ICE!

Register to the division that fits your weight AND consistent lap time criteria, not which one has availability! For example, if you are 171 pounds but consistently run below a 21.200 lap time (in any kart, not your favorite), please sign up for Pro 1. If you are 130 pounds and consistently run 21.500 lap times, please sign up for Pro 2. If unsure, please email Winners are based on position, not lap time.

3 separate divisions (lap time and weight criteria subject to change based on sign-ups):
-6:00pm: Pro 1 / Lightweight (<21.200 lap times and <160 pounds)(Check-In/Driver's Meeting 5:30pm) 
-7:00pm: Pro 2 / Middleweight (21.301-21.700 lap times and 161-200 pounds)(Check-In/Driver's Meeting 6:30pm)
-8:00pm: Pro 3 / Heavyweight (>21.701 lap times and 201+ pounds)(Check-In/Driver's Meeting 7:30pm)

Limited to the first 30 sign-ups (10 per division). Must have prior karting experience at Bluegrass Karting. Payments are non-refundable.

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